Black Angel

Plywood. 80x46 cm, 2017

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Woodburning is always dark on light. It is graphical. Black and white graphics entails a lot of romance. Romance can be philosophical, or airy, or sad. When I was working on a female figure, I noticed that it was applied on the material just in the place where the texture gave her wings. I made them contrastive at first, but then shaded them. You can still feel them… A little story from the cinema world: once, at another shooting of the Gone with the wind, the director Victor Fleming brought a bag with him and handed it to the star of the movie, Vivien Leigh, saying: 'Please, put this on'.

The story behind the drawing

She went to her dressing room, opened the bag and saw luxurious underwear in it. She went out surprised, saying: 'Why would I need it, there are no bedroom scenes in the movie, no one will know I was wearing that'. 'Yes', said the director, 'But you will know it!'.

I called it Black Angel. I take it to exhibitions and young women like to take photos next to it. For sale.

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