Pyrography Studio
The school has intramural classes and open registration for webinars and online-courses for remote students. There is a one-day training option.

For younger students (6-8 years), the school offers training on a contact electronic burner first. According to the results of the training, the decision is made on whether to start working with Fiery brush. Uzor burner option is available for senior and adult groups as well, since Novosibirsk tone pyrography uses mixed burning techniques.

Pyrography for everyone

Both children and adults can study at the school. The age of the students for electronic burner is 6 years and older, for Fiery brush – 12 years and older.

The classes have health restraints: due to work with extra high hazard tools, the school does not accept persons with mental disabilities and conditions affecting the mobility of the hands. People with hyper intracranial pressure are advised to consult a doctor before starting the training.
The addresses of Studios in Novosibirsk:
Ryabinushka Rehabilitation Centre 6/1, Smidt St.
— 4, Rubinovaya St., Academgorodok

How does it work?

The workshops are held in a studio, where every student has his/her own working area. The class starts with safety training.

The course of Novosibirsk color pyrography includes the introduction to PRO Gurza Fiery brush and the theory of pyrography, burner skill training, methods of pattern application and the study of features and characteristics of the material. During the classes, the master communicates with the students, tells them about his exhibiting experience and explains the physics of tone pyrography processes.

Parents are welcome to sit at junior and senior groups' classes. Photo and video recording is allowed.
You will learn how to create beautiful drawings of wood and air, literally
Your children or yourself will always be under supervision of a skilled master
There are only a couple of thousands of people in the world who are able to create an artwork like this
Long hours of working with a Fiery brush are quite meditative


Nikolay Gladenko is the creator of Novosibirsk tone pyrography technique and a participant of more than 130 art exhibitions, both joint and personal. His works can be found in private collections of the Moscow Kremlin and the State Duma employees, a famous London-based film actor, the owner of the clinic in Oslo, as well as in New York, Paris and Turin. In Novosibirsk, they are purchased by large firms CEOs, representatives of the talent elite and eminent architects.

The creator of the unique tool «Gurza» Fiery brush.


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