Fiery Brush

PRO Gurza fiery brush is the main tool used in tone pyrography. It's an original tool with unique characteristics. With it, you will be able to create pieces with natural gradient and soft halftones, adding volume and depth to your creations and making them true-to-life or airy romantic.

The tool itself is a gas burner which burns out the image with incandescent gas blast. The temperature is under full control of the artist, who exhales the air into the special tube. The nozzle does not touch the working area, so the working speed of Fiery brush in almost 1000 higher than that of contact electronic burners, and the 'strokes' appear on the prepared wooden surface due to exposure to hot air.

This tool allows for working with any organic material: paper, cardboard, leather, bone or fabric. But it is the artistic graphics applied to a wooden surface that possess special warmth and charm.
Gurza has several interchangeable tips
Working voltage of Gurza is only 36V
Operates on 220 V mains, fully maintainable, has a power regulator
Guaranteed 10 000 working hours or 2 years after the purchase
The weight of the gun is considerable, yet practical. The tip of the nozzle is not trembling and it holds "the target" firmly
I designed and created the device specifically for my professional sphere based on my 40 years of hot-air pyrography experience
It is secured from heat loss with high efficiency
The device is fully maintainable and each part is replaceable.
Secure thermal insulation: the case of the device protects from instant burns during short accidental contact.
The air pipe can be removed and replaced easily, which makes the device suitable for collective use in terms of hygiene.
The device has a balanced gravity center and is comfortable to hold.
The device keeps its operational capacity even after being dropped on a hard surface.
The temperature of the exiting air can be changed instantly and smoothly according to the user's wish, which allows for smooth tone transitions.

10 tools for the price of 9

Order 10 sets and get one free!
Nikolay Gladenko
The offer to sell devices is not a public one, as I manufacture them only under a provision of services agreement to whom I consider it necessary.


Buy a unique custom-made tool.

The set includes:

The tool

Training program with 10 lessons of tone pyrography

Personal consultations from the creator of the technology and the process.

17 000 ₽

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