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Nikolay Gladenko

Artist, pyrograph, poet
In the middle of 1970s, Nikolay Gladenko joined a poker work workshop of N.A. Dolgushin. That is where he saw the burner and became infatuated with pyrography craft. After graduating from college, Nikolay served in the army, where he started the search for his future works' themes. After studying thousand of images, the artist was able to develop specific requirements for his works. He found new methods, techniques and tools by trial and error. That was the creation of Novosibirsk pyrography.
Then Nikolay had a lot of exhibitions, including personal ones, and, finally, the feedback to one of them led him to the conclusion: "It's time to teach the children". However, the first model of the burner did not meet fire safety regulations and wasn't suitable for working with children. For the next 30 years, Nikolay have been improving his unique tool.

In 2008, the artist presented Fiery brush alongside his works at Manezh central exhibition hall. One of the art experts shared:
"For 100 years in Russia, after Faberge, no new technologies in decorative and applied arts have been introduced. And this one, hot air burning, is the first one which will last".

Then, at one of the exhibitions at Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture, a group of professors called Novosibirsk tone pyrography a graphic arts innovation.

In 2010, Fiery brush art school was founded. The school trains people with special needs, orphan asylum pupils, students of art and secondary schools. For adults who want to master the new pyrography technology as a new profession or for their own pleasure, there is an option for independent studies at home.

Took part in 132 exhibitions

The most notable are:
Moscow International Art Festival in Manezh central exhibition hall.
Art Museums of Moscow and Novosibirsk
Moscow, 1980 Summer Olympics
Nikolay was awarded the Order 'For Service to Russia'. His works are popular around the world and are stored in private collections of famous figures of politics, art and business.

My works in Novosibirsk

Ryabinushka Rehabilitation Centre
6/1, Smidt St
Plywood world
45/1, Sibiryakov-Gvardeitsev St.
Che Gallery
33, Kransy Avenue

My works in Moscow

Alekseevsky Comprehensive social service center
5, Yaroslavskaya, St. (near VDNKh) *
* in 2014, the work disappeared from the stated address under unclear circumstances, therefore, they are now in search