Poetry of fire

'You test gold with fire, you test woman with gold.

But when you test fire with a man – that's when pyrography is born, the poetry of controlled passion…'
«Sisters», after a photo by Zseni Jung
«Fluffy one», after a drawing by an unknown artist
«Black hat», after illustration by Rene Gruau, 2007


Pyrography Studio


The artist works in tone pyrography technique with the help of an electrical device which he designed himself – a PRO Gurza (PRO Viper) professional Fiery brush.

The pattern is applied with a blast of hot air instead of a needle. The artist controls the temperature of the blast with his own breath, creating smooth tone transitions.
The workshops are held in Novosibirsk in Fiery brush studio in Akademgorodok (Rubinovaya St., 4) and in Ryabinushka rehabilitation centre (Smidt St., 6/1).

Children can already apply for the summer workshop course and for the next academic year one at Teleshko studio in the downtown of Novosibirsk.
Nikolay Gladenko, the founder of the Studio

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Latest news

The Fiery brush Studio at Akademgorodok, 4 Rubinovaya St., is open twice a week: on Wednesdays and Sundays. Adults and children from 10 years old
Preliminary signup is open at the Fiery brush Studio in the downtown of Novosibirsk (next to Mayakovsky Cinema). Adults and children from 10 years old are welcome.
We are planning regular training courses, workshops and advanced training for adults, masters and teachers of extended education. Around Kalinin Square. Everybody is welcome to sign up.